Security without the seams: Coupa Software

Video Transcript

Forrest Berrey, Senior IT Security Engineer at Coupa Software // It is really nice to work with the AT&T Cybersecurity team because they're always there and ready to answer any questions I do have either about their systems or about integrating systems that aren't necessarily supported. The support is there, they're very responsive, and I just feel like I'm a part of the AT&T Cybersecurity family.

Coupa is a cloud service that gives you a single-pane-of-glass so that business leaders can get an overview of the entire spend architecture for their business. That includes requisitions and purchase orders, invoices supplier management, and a lot of ancillary services like contract lifecycle management.

We’re not only cloud-based, but we also have a very cloud-first mentality whenever we look towards partners and vendors so that we can maintain the pace of development. We’re seeing Fortune 100 global companies coming to us for our business spend management solutions.

When I took over the day-to-day operations for the global security team, what I noticed was there was a lot of individual disparate tools that existed, different online dashboards, I was logging into at least 12 different tools a day.

What really intrigued me about AlienVault® is I knew I wanted to move our security toolset to some some more modernized solutions. It really jumped out as, ‘hey this is the way that we can cover all those seams that exist in this this big cloud infrastructure.’

I can now come in every morning and I can see what I threat landscape really does look like. I can attack those individual pieces and then move forward with new projects to keep getting us more secure.

AT&T Cybersecurity and AlienVault, they've really changed the game because the efficiency that they bring into my position. I'm able to monitor all these systems and react to things in real time. It’s been a really good investment working with AT&T Cybersecurity and AlienVault because what’s really nice is they bring in a lot of these major players like G suite and Okta.

And by bringing those into this unified dashboard we were able to eliminate some of our other legacy tool sets, so realistically as much as the product costs, we actually saved more by eliminating those other tool sets just by integrating AlienVault into our ecosystem.

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