AWS Security: Best Practices for Effective Threat Detection & Response

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With more IT environments moving data and applications to AWS, the motivation for hackers to target AWS environments is also increasing. In this webcast, we'll share some of the trends our research has shown with regard to attacks on AWS environments and best practices for securing those environments. We'll also introduce the key capabilities needed for a modern threat detection & incident response program customized for AWS, such as:

  • Asset Discovery - creating an inventory of running instances
  • Vulnerability Assessment - conducting scans to assess exposure to attack, and prioritize risks
  • Change Management - detect changes in your AWS environment and insecure network access control configurations
  • S3 & ELB Access Log Monitoring - Monitor access logs of hosted content and data directed at your instance
  • CloudTrail Monitoring and Alerting - Monitor the CloudTrail service for abnormal behavior
  • Windows Event Monitoring - Analyze system level behavior to detect advanced threats

We'll finish up with a demo of NEW AlienVault USM for AWS, which delivers all of the above capabilities, plus log management & event correlation to help you detect threats quickly and comply with regulatory requirements.

Meet Your Host

Russ Spitler

VP, Product Strategy

Russ began his career in security at Fortify Software where he oversaw a 5x growth in product revenue, moving on to play an integral role in the formation of HP Enterprise Security Products. After spending years helping to secure the largest financial, military, and commercial organizations, Russ is now working with AlienVault to help bring world-class security to organizations of all shapes and sizes.